Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hello all, and thank you for stopping by.  I am settling into my home here in blogdom and looking forward to sharing my journey in homesteading.   I grew up on a farm and was determined that I would not end up on a farm again, I did pretty well for 22 years, but the homesteading bug has bit me bad!  :)  Now, I'm not talking about a full fledged working farm in the way I have always thought of, but I am thinking of a farm that will sustain my family and allow us to pursue our dreams.  We have quite a way to go to get to this place, and that is where this blog comes in!  I am hoping to chronicle my journey and I hope you will join me.  For 2014, I plan on following the book by Anna Hess, The Weekend Homesteader.  I am looking forward to learning as I go.   
I also plan to work on my family preparedness and will be sharing that.  
I am the mom to 4 adult (well almost) children.  My oldest is 20 and my youngest is 17.  Luckily none of them have indicated the desire to fly the coop anytime soon.  ;)  Being with my family is my greatest joy and is one of the reasons I am moving toward homesteading.  I got caught up in the dream that I could have it all, the job and the white picket fence, you know the Super Woman dream.  Now I realize that dream isn't the one for me and I need to get back on track.  It might take awhile, but with God's strength and grace, I will make it.  I hope you will join me in my journey.   

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