Monday, January 6, 2014

Prepping 2014

Along with everything else, I'm also working on being more prepared for emergencies here on the homestead, so I thought I would bring you along for the ride as well!
Now our family is working really hard to get out of debt - long story for another day - so extra money to stock up on stuff is hard to come by, but I figure every little bit will help.  We also get paid every  two weeks so, that is how I'll be doing my food storage building.
On Payday (Friday) the hubs and I head off to a fast food restaurant where we do our budget.  It is very calm and cozy and we love the way it is working out for us.  I bring a list of bills, when they are due, and and updated bank balance.  Then we divvy  up the money.  Works for us!  Saturday either I or we go to the store and get our groceries, if we have money to get them for that month.  I know, we live life in the fast lane!
So this week, I will be adding some evaporated milk to my cart.  I do have quite a bit of this already in stock, but will continue to stock it.  I do need to make sure that I am using ALL of my stores though, not just the "normal" stuff.  I will pick up one can for each adult in the family.   Since my youngest is 17, I consider that we have six adults in the family.  So I will get six cans of evaporated milk.  I will also be adding one 64 ounce jug of juice for each family member. I printed off some coupons so that it will cut the cost a bit.  I will also check out the different grocery stores we shop at and check for store brands.  I want my family to have a good food storage, but I don't want to go further into debt to do it.  I am also going to start working on picking up some toiletries and HBA items, so I will add 6 rolls of toilet paper (72 rolls, total) and some soap/body wash to the haul.  The recommendation is 3 per person (this is for a 3 month supply), but I already have some of this stocked so won't buy that much.  I am also being really fussy about what I use so this might have to wait until I do my next Melaleuca order.   I am also working on teaching myself to make soap and so on.
Another thing I will be working on is our water storage.  I have been keeping up on this pretty well, but I need to work out a rotation system.

 We use milk jugs, 2 liter bottles and juice jugs to store our water.  Now, I know that people have arguments against milk jugs and such, but it is what I have so it's what I use.  It has worked ok for us so far.
I date the jugs with the month and the year and them store them all together on the top shelf.  That might have to change, those puppies get heavy after awhile.  By the way, this water is good, it is just the light and the way my camera takes photos!  
We are also working on building up a CASH reserve.  So it is of course, cash that I keep in the house ready for emergencies.  Hubs doesn't even know I have it.  I am putting $2.00/person/week in an unmarked envelope that I have hidden away.  So I am putting $12.00 a week in the envelope.  Should have a nice stash if I can keep  it up all year!  
I'm working on some sort of inventory system.  With four teenagers who see my food storage as a grocery store, this is an area.  So in the next week, I'm going to come up with an inventory for my water storage and beverages.  Wish me luck!  
I'm also working on 72 hour bags for each of us.  Again, this is an area that I'm making these up with things that I have or can get cheap.  So with that in mind, here  is what I have, so far, in my BOB (bug out bag).  
 So here is my bag.  It is an old back pack that one of the kids used.  I do need to update it though, because the bottom of it is pretty thing.   Wouldn't want all my goodies falling out!
In the big section I have an extra sweat shirt and a couple pair of wool socks.  These are Realtree Girl socks that I got on sale - and they are pink!  I love pink.
 In another pocket, first aid kit, first aid instruments, an extra knife, and a  fold up fuel stove with some extra fuel.  I need to get something to cook with yet, but like I said, I'm outfitting this as I go!
Some cleaning wipes, waterproof matches (in the orange water proof case) some tissues, sanitizer and a couple of "sporks" to eat with!  
I also plan on purchasing at least one water container with this pay, if the budget will stretch.  
So those are my prepping plans for the next week or so.  What's happening on your homestead?  

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